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Lisa V Robinson
7:19 PM (22 hours ago)
to me
Not sure if you meant emailing this to you or not, but just incase! here ya go again: 

As a rule, seemingly spontaneous constructing of painting-drawing, turns into engaged action of change of separated space meaning, in which the sense of formation of new, permanent deed has been equalized with temporal (uninterrupted) materializing process of creative act. In the very process of realization of deed and in its final form, he connects multiple contrasts in original, sometimes even deliberately absurd, manner.

Playing about with formally abstract elements and organic forms he varies microstructures, unreachable to the eye, in over dimensioned relations that consequently loose connection with the real world and, on the line of surrealistic thinking, intrude into the sphere of fantasy. Author deliberately emphasizes the impression of restlessness and irrational chaos by systematic and precise reproduction and networking of motives in which the organic, seemingly independent, follows its consequent path.

The principal role he gives to color domination, domination of prime, expressive, synthetic colors, thoughtfully, strongly contrasted, that result with controlled optic irritation. On big and wall formats, colors dynamically pulse, turning a painting structure into three dimensional character of space, emerging from the given surface frame.

Painting-drawing becomes new artifact, provocation, synchronic connection of extremes: apparent order and real chaos (or maybe vice versa), part of unstoppable motion, segment of real, unknown or constructed universe. Directness and openness of Dulicas drawing and artistic engagement, in convincing expressiveness sums dimensions of imagination and intellect, activates rational and, above all, sensory potentials that cannot leave us indifferent.

Lisa V Robinson
Emerging Contemporary Painter
Studio A7
Westgate Studios
Prudential Building

55 Westgate, Wakefield

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Let Tesco Create The Small Bathroom Of Your Dreams! A Stunning Range.
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Lisa V Robinson
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