(Let me begin by saying this; diplomas are fine, a framed NVQ certificate looks just as good on the wall as any degree certificate so don’t be put off by what your more intelligent friends may say.)
Description: What’s wrong with people these days? They have opinions coming out of their arses and what should be coming out of their arses is, instead, coming out of their mouths. Catalogue it, challenge it, draw a picture of it. Clear? NO? Ok try this, for a variety of reasons people say stupid things, right? Listen out for them; they are your raw material, a sort of INCIDENTAL LACK OF KNOWLEDGE if you will. Find it, learn from it, share it, work with it.
EXAMPLE [from a pub quiz]
Q. What sea can be found to the North of Turkey?
A. I know this, it’s Chechnya…. I mean FFS!
Good places to begin your research include:
  • Pub quiz’s (obviously) especially when then question masters can’t read out the questions properly (dyslexia is no excuse).
  • Prime Minister’s Question (the PM is a ‘given’, it is the attention seeking nob-heads who ask the questions I’m thinking of).
  • The Jeremy Vine show. If you don’t listen to Radio 2 try the Daily Mail instead.
  • Old People.
  • Young People.
That should help get you started so bugger off and do some work.
Autumn Term: October – December 2011
Spring Term: January – March 2012
Summer Term: April – June 2012
Course Leader: Duncan Lister

I know that I am meant to use my ref: number to show that its me and for future assessment but I can not find the number right now, so you will have to take my name as proof, yours Steven Allbutt.
I was in fact, some time ago, at a pub quiz in the golf resort of La Manga (say no more) the quiz master asked the question "What is the largest lake in Britain" I asked for clarification as the largest lake is Windermere but the largest body of water is Loch Lomund (the clues are in the titles as to which one is a lake and which is not) The quiz master repeated the question "what is the largest lake in Britain". I answered Windermere the quiz master gave Loch Lomund as the answer. We lost out by one point on a bottle of rum instead of the shitty red we got for 3rd. Still gutted especially after I gave him a chance to amend his foolishness.

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A smug little 'PS' at the bottom of a Jean Luc Godard film (Masculin Feminin) review on LoveFilm- Essential viewing if you're into Art Films, probably not if you're a more mainstream sort of person.