Description: MPhil Mistakes is a course geared towards the incidental knowledge gained through the process of erring, and maximising blunders within creative practice.
Autumn Term: October – December 2011
Spring Term: January – March 2012
Summer Term: April – June 2012
Course Leader: Sparrow+Castice


Go forth and make a mistake. And then let us know what it was.

Amelia Beavis-Harrison

The True Blood Sport of Britain

The piece of work was developed as part of course work for M-Phil in Mistakes at the University of Incidental Knowledge.

The work stems from a recurring situation that the artist has been put in each year, one that goes against her moral and ethical beliefs. Each year her partners family attend a Boxing Day Meet in their local North Yorkshire town. The tradition is one that has been carried out for well over 100 years, where fox hunters gather in the town square prior to going hunting.

In 2005 the Labour government enforced a law that made fox hunting and other similar sports illegal. Despite the law coming into place meetings and hunts still happen across the UK. The Boxing Day Meet is seen as a time when hunters and supporters gather together in support of the law, a fox hunt often still follows the meet, and hunts still take place throughout the year.

Now in a situation where the Conservative coalition government has promised to overturn the hunting ban Amelia Beavis-Harrison has made a piece of work that highlights the tradition of the cruel and unjustified sport. In support of the League Against Cruel Sports notion to keep hunting a history the work aims to highlight the ridiculous argument that keeps the sport in existence; tradition!

To keep hunting a history visit:

This work uses found footage from John Huston, Fox Hunting (1966)

This is a low res version of the film for online purposes