Description: Go see some exhibitions, read some art magazines, flick through some glossy art publications. Photocopy and/or photograph and highlight any examples of overblown, pointless, dishonest, artwank prose. The stuff that rubs you up the wrong way.
Autumn Term: October – December 2011
Spring Term: January – March 2012
Summer Term: April – June 2012
Course Leader: Bob Milner


The following is text lifted from a competition call about poverty, it's more the three category thing though... maybe it's not even that wank after reading it over and over again...
(From student 1146)
This year’s theme is “Hidden”. Alluding to our social aim to be part of the solution to alleviating poverty in the UK, we hope to inspire a wealth of different interpretations of the theme to bring the issue front of mind. Don’t worry about interpreting the thought behind the theme too literally, all we ask is you’re bold, original, and make it your mission to blow our socks off. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and us with your creation!
The art will fall into one of three categories: Painting, Photography or Illustration. So, for all the budding artists out there, this is your chance to really test your variation, or how to express your own style in a slightly different medium.