Description: This course is a immense opportunity for you to incidentally increase your incidental film knowledge through increments initiated at your own pace. Initially you will decide upon your own learning curve and either expand it, or not. However (and this is really important!) should you not incorporate enough incidental film knowledge about your chosen subject you will not gain your diploma/degree. The structure of this course is self-directed, self-dictated, self-actualising and self-fulfilling, but works on the understanding that you will increase your incidental film knowledge without consciously aiming to do so. This will happen unintentionally, from and within the school of living. You will be able to use any source, anywhere and anytime in the world. Something that you pick up from your Grandma can be added as incidental film knowledge, but you must quote her and the reliable providers of information and evidence, that you have referenced, in order to confirm that the information that she has imparted you with is actually accurate. This therefore will require a bibliography. An example would be; I was watching The Duchess on BBC 2, (21.00-23.00) Thursday 25/08/11, when my son pointed out that the Male Protagonist Ralph Fiennes also played Voldamort in Harry Potter. I then inputted this information into Google and came up with the information on
Autumn Term: October – December 2011
Spring Term: January – March 2012
Summer Term: April – June 2012
Course Leader: Vanessa Haley