Description: I want you to work. Only through the application of thought and the process of creation can you absorb the essential information on the sly, incidentally and accidentally, that will be a crucial part of your education. There is a very simple course structure. Make collages whilst either listening to the radio or to the television. There is an opportunity for ‘en plein air’ collage making for those fully committed to the process; the incidental knowledge acquired via this route however can be much slower and a little parochial. The subject matter for the collages is self directed. I would recommend a diverse use of materials and do not be afraid to include the use of pencil and/or paint in your work; be creative! Innovate! And above all else, pick up the knowledge; you will need this.
Autumn Term: October – December 2011
Spring Term: January – March 2012
Summer Term: April – June 2012
Course Leader: Bob Milner

I went to Las Vegas
Vegas it weird.
Free porn though...

Faye Scott-Farrington #1136

This incidental knowledge came from a trip to Greece at the height of the June/July Greek debt crisis when protesters were camping in Syntagma Square, calling for a new democracy in the very heart of the birthplace of democracy itself. I tore posters from the walls, copied and screenprinted them, then tore these up and collaged them with posters from the subsequent Occupy movements which have swept through the world, including Australia. The result is mu cut'n'paste collage Occupy. Student #1108 Heather

I found these old Marshall Cavendish magazines from the late 60's in a charity ship in Hebden Bridge - 5 for a quid! I bought 15. Loads of great photos to cut up for collages and some very ropey/brilliant psychedelic illustrations for inspiration. An incidental find. A genius find. The scissors will be wielded this week. (Jean McEwan Student number 1103)

wont you come out tonight

LEFTOVERS FOR DINNER Incidental Cut 'N Paste Found as-is in a book I am reading, which I have forgetfully read before and cut-out all of my favorite parts. I think I will continue to explore my library for these left-behind collages during the term. (Mary Rothlisberger Student #1165)

Books for better living: A magical guide to success with women.
The Weekend Warlock (1974)
This (the book cover/title) is something that cropped up on my tumblr dash board and I wouldnt mind getting hold of a copy. In the mean time I am trying to make paper stand up and stick together without falling apart five mins later.

Serendipity collage: Corinna Spencer #1101

Nature Documentary CorieltauviArt #1110
The Guardian newspaper provided plenty of excellent material for making the following collages,and cutting up the newspaper in itself provided plenty of opportunities for the gathering of even more incidental knowledge.Both collages were created whilst watching nature documentaries,which in itself inspired me to start thinking about the documentary that is human life.....
Our city.Our country.

Nature Documentary .

Nature Documentary by CorieltauviArt , #1110