Description: 1 year self-directed, part-time course available via distance-learning. A varied programme of study which develops incidental knowledge at the highest level. Taking the basic interpretation of Avant-Garde to mean: unconventional, innovative, you are expected to record and reflect upon human acts of ingenuity in the adaptation of every day objects for new use as you happen upon them. i.e. A brick used as a door stop, folded beer mat used to stead a wobbly table or the use of toothpaste to patch missing Artex (I confess to having done the latter myself). The course aims to develop awareness of these frequently overlooked interventions and increase, maybe even inform your own practice. As part of the enrollment process students will be expected to select an elective from the following:
  • Metal Work
  • String Theory
  • Clip Art
Electives can be completed at any time during the course and you are free to collaborate with fellow Avant-Garde colleagues if you so wish. Elective work is to be submitted to your course tutor via photographic documentation. All students MUST complete an elective.
Autumn Term: October – December 2011
Spring Term: January – March 2012
Summer Term: April – June 2012
Course Leader: Debi Holbrook


Emmy: These examples of paper clip use are both from my office. The first is a long standing IT technicians trick for opening a CD drive when it's stuck, or the computer is off. There's usually a tiny hole that, when poked with a straightened paper clip, opens the drive. The second example is where I've formed a rudimentary hook to support the cables that would otherwise rest on top of a heater.
external image ESpaperclip1_CDEjector.jpg
external image ESpaperclip2_CableTie.jpg
Opening CD drives
Hanging cables
Submitted 07/10/2011

Fate: A brick used as a door stop!

Fate: Another example of door stop using the handle of the trapdoor.